Are Pawn Shop Diamonds Worth It?

January 16, 2023
Gold and Diamonds

A natural diamond is a diamond no matter where it is purchased from. Jewelry stores don’t sell better diamonds than diamond dealers or pawn shops. The quality of the diamond is included in the pure perfection of the diamond.

Deep within the dark crevasses of the earth under years of deep pressure, and high temperatures, deposits of carbon create diamonds. The transformation results in pure clear beauty.

Diamonds are found in kimberlite rocks and alluvial deposits. Kimberlite rocks are rocks that occur in old volcanic pipes. Water, waterfalls, and streams erode the channels, and the diamonds are deposited.

Once mined, diamonds are graded and placed for sale to use as loose diamonds, in diamond rings, in engagement rings, and in the manufacturing industry.

beautiful gold earrings with morganite gemstones on a black background close-up

Diamond Grading Using the 4Cs

1. Diamond Color – the Lack of Color

A diamond with no color, like a drop of water, is valued higher than a diamond with some color. All diamonds are evaluated, from D (diamonds with no color) to Z (diamond with color).

Under controlled lighting, a diamond expert compares the diamond to “master stones” to determine the absence of color, and gives the diamond a rating.

Gold and Diamonds

2. Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity depends on the number of inclusions (substances, spots, etc. included in the structure of the diamond) and blemishes (external characteristics) within the diamond. The internal and external elements need to be evaluated by size, nature, position, and relief. One of the biggest questions is how do the blemishes and inclusions affect the appearance of the diamond.

After the evaluation of the blemishes and inclusions, a clarity rating is given.

Diamonds and GIA certificates

3. Diamond Cuts

The way a diamond is cut is one of the most important characteristics of a diamond, because how a diamond is cut affects how the diamond sparkles and transmits light. Some diamonds are cut round, heart-shaped, oval, marquise, and pear. A skilled gem cutter will know precisely how to cut a diamond, so it interacts with the light to enhance its beauty and value.


4. Carat weight

A carat is defined as 200 milligrams when weighing a diamond. The weight of a diamond is given within a hundredth decimal place. Larger diamonds are rarer, and thus more valuable and desirable.

Buying a diamond from a pawn shop doesn’t change the value of the diamond. The pawn shop will have pawn brokers or gemologists who understand how the 4Cs are used to determine its quality.

Being knowledgeable about the 4Cs when purchasing diamonds can be under-emphasized. Buying from a pawn shop, who knows what the 4Cs are and how to test and evaluate diamonds, makes your purchasing journey complete.

Gold and diamonds

Do Pawn Shops Sell Loose Diamonds?

When you think about buying loose diamonds for a piece of jewelry you want to create or use as an investment, don’t forget that some pawn shops sell loose diamonds. Pawn shops who understand diamonds understand their value in or out of a gold setting.

Jewelry stores sell loose diamonds, but there is a mark up. To get a better value for your money, check with your local pawn shop. Diamonds don’t lose value just because they were preowned. Pawn stores test diamonds and use the current market value to price each loose diamond they have.

As with gold, silver, and other precious metals, diamonds also have a market price. The resale value will reflect the current market value. Diamonds purchased from a jewelry store don’t hold their value because of the mark up, but those at pawn shops don’t have the same market.

If you are selling your diamond rings, diamonds, or loose diamonds to a pawn shop, you can expect 30-60% of the current market value, which may be significantly less than you paid for the piece.

Wildside Pawn and Jewelry

Wildside Pawn and Jewelry has four locations: Stuart, FL, Port St. Lucie, FL, Okechobee, FL, and Sebring, FL. They buy, sell, and pawn diamonds, loose diamonds, diamond rings, engagement rings, gold, silver, diamond pendants, and other fine jewelry.

They have experts who know how to value your diamonds. They understand that some people may use their naked eye to give you a ball park figure of what your diamond rings are worth, but they don’t. They test and value diamonds based on the 4Cs.

If you have a GIA certificate, this will help you get the most money for your diamonds. The jewelry industry has huge mark ups on diamonds, but Wildside Pawn and Jewelry works with customers to ensure they get instant cash if they sell their diamonds, and affordable prices if they buy diamonds.

Diamonds, diamond rings, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry are a great way to make quick cash if you want to sell these things to them. If you have a sentimental attachment to the jewelry, you can work with them to pawn your items to get a short-term loan.

The amount of the loan depends on the quality of the diamond and the market value. Diamonds are always in demand. Wildside Pawn and Jewelry tries to ensure they have a vast inventory for customers to choose from. If other customers beat you to the perfect piece, check back often because their inventory changes.

Why pay more money for beautiful diamond jewelry from a jewelry store when you can buy pre-owned from Wildside Pawn and Jewerly?